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Hiding places  Book Cover

Hiding places

By Webb, Katherine

Copies: 10
Reservations: 3

Reviewer: Mrs Tina Louise Astley
Added: 21/05/17 15:56:25
Rating: Star rating 5
Hiding places
I really enjoy books by Katherine Webb and have yet to not enjoy her novels. They are very much in the same vain as Kate Morton books. From the word go I instantly sink straight into the story and feel like I've put on a pair of comfy slippers. The story slowly unfolds around a murder, and the race to free a man accused. Three girls, Irene, Pudding and Clemmie are all brought together in this very intriguing tale. The descriptions of the countryside and village are beautiful and do give a real sense of place. As the story reaches its conclusion and all is revealed I did have to stop and reorganise everything in my mind about what I had been reading. I really didn't see the ending coming. This is a wonderful tale about three girls and a growing friendship surrounded by a murder.

Into the water  Book Cover

Into the water

By Hawkins, Paula

Copies: 33
Reservations: 77

Reviewer: Mrs Tina Louise Astley
Added: 16/05/17 10:04:59
Rating: Star rating 3
Into the water
I loved The Girl on the Train so really had high expectations for this book. This book however is completely different and is nothing like TGOTT. The story was ok, for me just an average thriller with the reveal on the last few pages. It certainly didn't have the page turner of TGOTT but it did hold my interest. I think if I hadn't read TGOTT I may have enjoyed this book a little more. I had high hopes and was left slightly disappointed. I would recommend this book however if you like thrillers.

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