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Hiding places  Book Cover

Hiding places

By Webb, Katherine



Reviewer: Mrs Tina Louise Astley
Added: 21/05/17 15:56:25
Rating: Star rating 5
Hiding places
I really enjoy books by Katherine Webb and have yet to not enjoy her novels. They are very much in the same vain as Kate Morton books. From the word go I instantly sink straight into the story and feel like I've put on a pair of comfy slippers. The story slowly unfolds around a murder, and the race to free a man accused. Three girls, Irene, Pudding and Clemmie are all brought together in this very intriguing tale. The descriptions of the countryside and village are beautiful and do give a real sense of place. As the story reaches its conclusion and all is revealed I did have to stop and reorganise everything in my mind about what I had been reading. I really didn't see the ending coming. This is a wonderful tale about three girls and a growing friendship surrounded by a murder.

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