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Good me, bad me  Book Cover

Good me, bad me

By Land, Ali

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Reviewer: Miss Amanda Williams
Added: 07/07/17 17:12:09
Rating: Star rating 5
Good me, bad me
This is such a good book, a girl who tells on her mom who is a serial killer, she goes into protective custody and the family that take her in the husband is help prepping her for trial, they have a daughter same age but is jealous of time 'Millie' is spending with her dad. But you don't know how far Millie will go once the daughter starts bullying her at school, Millie so wants a normal family and cracks begin to show, you are left wondering is the influence of her mom still playing on her to do bad things or will she use experience to b good. It's a gripping book I couldn't put it down

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